Vertical gardens

Vertical Gardens are inspired by plants that do not require soil, grow on trees or rocks that are covered in moss and their roots attach themselves to the surface and absorb moisture from the surroundings.

Imagine a vertical garden in your living room or reception area. If you are looking for luxury and astonishment, look no further. There are nearly 20 plants to choose from leaving room for creativity in the design of the wall itself.

Vertical Gardens are watered by a complex tube system hidden within the structure. Water enhanced with antibacterial and fungal liquids is absorbed into geotextiles thus providing the plants with ideal humidity. The size of the structure can be designed to accomodate all possible needs therefore giving the architect endless possibilities. The watering system can be semi or fully automatic controlled remotely from any place with Wi-Fi.

External vertical gardens are carried out in close cooperation with Please visit their website for more information. Leták Datura
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